Architectural Design

We understand that designing and building a new home or remodel project may be your biggest investment yet.

Each client is different, and each project is different. To achieve success, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and needs. Then, by blending functionality and creativity, we bring that vision to life with a design that integrates location, efficiency, comfort and style.

By choosing With The Grain as a design-builder, you keep the major components of the building process under the same roof. This enhances clear communication and delivers better success during the building process. Of course, if clients come to us with their own architect, we are happy to collaborate with them. Because we speak the same language, With The Grain offers a clear transition from architecture through building.

When it comes to developing a rigorous design, no element should be rushed. We recommend starting this process a minimum of 6-8 months before breaking ground on your project.

With your project under our roof from design through completion, we can work together to ensure your vision comes to life through a smooth and collaborative process.

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Get In Touch

With The Grain offers you a personal guide through the building process. If you’re ready to start the process, reach out to us for a consultation.
Information Gathering

Fill out our client design questionnaire to help us get an idea of what you are looking for. This is also a great time to bring in any ideas you may have in the form of sketches, images, materials, etc. “Build your design book” – the more information you give the team the better.

Conceptual Design/Massing

Work with our design team on a layout for your project. This usually takes the form of floor plans and hand sketches to capture all the requirements for space, form, and function. A 3D model is created to visualize the structure and identify any pinch points, constructability limitations, and to get a feel for the space. This can involve multiple iterations until you feel that the design is just right.

Schematic Design

Once we have established a solid layout and flow to your design, an initial set of architectural drawings will be produced. These will be sent out for structural engineering and can also be sent to your Homeowner’s Association for review if needed. The design will be further refined to pin down elevations, floor plans, roof pitches, window and door sizes, and any other structural elements.

Construction Drawings/ Permit Set

Once the project has been engineered, a final set will be compiled that will include site, floor, ceiling, and roof plans; elevations, perspectives, and any details necessary for clear communication to the builder. At this point, the plans are yours. You will have the option to take your plans and find a builder on your own, but we hope you will stay with us and let us work with you through the building process.

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