From initial consultation through final completion, our approach is focused on client needs and transparent project delivery.

We’ve all heard the saying:
“If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

That attitude is the basis for our work ethic, and it naturally translates to the way we execute each project.

Our approach – design intent understanding, project team selection, construction expertise, schedule and budget management, communication, and quality control – is comprehensive and scalable to any project size. Whether the project is an in-house design-build or a collaborative effort with another architect, With The Grain offers you a personal guide through the building process.

We take great pride in building relationships with our clients, so we can understand their needs and project goals. We listen, ask questions, and interpret the designs to obtain a full project understanding.

Engaging the right people is the cornerstone of any successful project. We find great success in assembling our project teams during the project planning phase. Working with an architect and any specialty consultants/niche subcontractors in the planning phase allows With The Grain project managers to take full advantage of early collaboration, information sharing, and consensus building.

Our project portfolio is the foundation of our design and construction expertise. We regularly collaborate across project teams to ensure best practices are executed. Based on our experience, we emphasize energy efficiency, a tight air envelope, and an effective thermal barrier.

Project schedules, budgets, critical-path items, and manpower resources are tracked monthly using project calendar software and cost-to-complete spreadsheets, which are reviewed with clients.

Communication is critical to a project’s success. We communicate early and often with clients to eliminate project ambiguity and manage expectations.

Quality control is a constant practice with success achieved by following established standards. With The Grain has standardized policies and procedures to guide work performance, including employing senior project staff who are well versed in their crafts, utilizing peer reviews, and conducting internal performance and lessons-learned evaluations. With The Grain prides itself on its work quality and has a reputation for thoroughly developed architectural plans and superior construction craftsmanship.

Well-connected in the community, With The Grain works with a trusted network of experienced local subcontractors and suppliers who share the same work ethic and craftsmanship values, which results in a greater ability to achieve high-quality standards.


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With The Grain offers you a personal guide through the building process. If you’re ready to start the process, reach out to us for a consultation.