Property Management

As a way to protect your investment, With The Grain offers property management services.

Having a property manager who is familiar with your home and with whom you’ve built a trusting relationship is priceless. Property management clients receive weekly reports and enjoy peace of mind knowing their property is safe and secure.

Property management services performed weekly include:

  • Exterior inspection
  • Driveway snow removal/landscape maintenance report
  • Interior inspection
  • Water status—on or off
  • Plumbing traps filled once a month
  • Heat-setting verification
  • Mechanical room check
  • Propane-level check
  • Windows and doors secured


Other additional services, billed at an hourly or contractual rate, include:

  • Cleaning
  • General maintenance
  • Vehicle/airport shuttle
  • Grocery shopping and arrival preparations
  • Property maintenance – snow removal/landscape services, etc.
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